Snow and Ice Management

Snow Removal and Management

Maine Landscape Management is a proud member of the Snow and Ice Management Association which is committed to trained professional snow removal contractors. Matt has attended many trainings on the topic of snow and ice management. Maine Landscape Management services residential clients, homeowner associations, retail clients, food service clients, and industrial clients. This vast experience ensures we know what your snow and ice needs are and have the equipment and resources to tackle them.

Snow Plowing

Night or day Maine Landscape Management is ready to take Mother Nature head on. With a fleet of modern trucks and snow plow equipment and experienced staff you can rest assured access to your property will be maintained.

De-icing vs Anti-Icing

Maine Landscape Management is environmentally conscious which is why we use de-icing materials that are safe for pets, concrete, and the environment. We don’t use sand salt mixes that can clog up storm drains and leave a mess; we use rock salt treated with organic rock salt performance enhancer. The organic product allows us to use up to 25% less de-icing materials, has longer lasting effects than regular rock salt and reduces the amount of call backs due to melt/re-freeze.

De-icing is the process where we spread our de-icing materials at the end of the storm after the precipitation has ended. Anti-icing or pre-treating is when we spread the brine or rock salt before it starts snowing. Anti-icing is the single most effective way to prevent the bond that forms between snow/ice and your asphalt or concrete surfaces. By breaking that bond you are preventing the snow/ice from packing down onto your pavement making the snow plowing process cleaner and more efficient.

Snow Removal

Commercial clients often need snow removal. Maine Landscape Management has the equipment and team to quickly address your snow removal needs.