Landscape Construction

Maine Landscape Management is a professional organization committed to working with you on your next landscape construction project. We have experience in all areas of hardscaping and construction. We want your input when it comes to your project because after all it needs to be something you will enjoy for many years. From concept to completion and every step in between Maine Landscape Management will be there. We are a member of the Maine landscape and nursery association which has a strong code of ethics and holds companies to a higher standard. We have done hardscape and construction project for residential clients, commercial clients and municipal clients.

Patios, Walkways, Steps

Our team is ICPI trained to tackle your patio, walkway or steps. See our gallery for a sample of our work. We have also done brick sidewalks for the city of Portland.

patio with firepitgranite-stepspatio-and-walkway-3patio-and-walkway terraced-steps

Permeable pavement systems

Permeable pavement solutions is the next big thing in landscaping. Storm water pollution is quickly becoming the world’s biggest form of pollution, affecting our lakes, streams, rivers and oceans. Permeable pavement systems offer solutions to polluted runoff by allowing the water to drain through the system. Our team is also trained in these systems which look and feel no different than normal patios, walkways and driveways. They come in many shapes and sizes and are sometimes solutions to shore land zoning ordinances.

Retaining walls and rock walls

Our team is NCMA trained in the construction and maintenance of segmental retaining walls. Natural rock walls are also a service we offer with many choices to choose from. These can be great additions to an existing landscape or we can remove a current wall and install a new one. Maine Landscape Management is committed to building sturdy long lasting walls using state of the art geotextile fabric separation and geo-grid stabilization. If you have a wall that is bulging or sagging or that has fallen over odds are these fabrics and grids could be the solution.

retaining-wall retaining-wall-1 IMG_6108 patio-with-sitting-wall-and-privacy-fence patio-with-sitting-wall

Tree and Shrub installations

We have great working relationships with local nurseries which allows us to get good pricing and quality product. If you are starting from scratch in your landscape or rehabbing a current landscape we can help. We have the knowledge and materials to plant your new shrubs or trees. All our tree and shrub planting are guaranteed for at least one full growing season.


Natural fences/screens and berms

Using hedging shrubs or large, full trees a natural fence or screen can be erected to shield you from your neighbors and protect your privacy. Berms are constructed and shrubs or trees are planted in the berm to give you a natural look while protecting your privacy


Lawn installation and renovation

The choices are plentiful when it comes to installing a new lawn and we have the knowledge and experience to help you make the right decision. We offer sod installation, hydro-seed installation, and dry seed installation and know the right amount of top soil to use for each application.

DCIM101GOPROGOPR1776.hydro-seeding Hydroseeding-residential DCIM101GOPROGOPR1771.