Matt Thompson founded Maine Landscape Management in 2010. This was not Matt’s first landscaping business however. His roots run deep in the Maine landscaping industry.

When Matt was in 7th grade he started Thompson’s Outdoor Maintenance Services in South Portland. It was a small company; Matt would ride his bicycle to his client’s home and use their equipment to do whatever services they needed.

When Matt got his driver’s license at the age of 16, the sky became the limit. The small lawn mowing business quickly grew into a full-service landscape outfit. The name changed to Atlantic Landscaping. The commitment to customer service and quality was embedded in him. By age 21, the business had grown exponentially and Matt sold the company and chose to pursue another career. That career happened to be in law enforcement, where Matt learned some valuable ethics and integrity lessons.

It wasn’t long before the itch for landscaping came back. Tired of working 60-70 hours a week in law enforcement, Matt decided to start a landscaping business as a hobby. His integrity, attention to detail and personal relationships with his clients quickly escalated that hobby into a full-time business. Maine Landscaping Management is committed to being your one stop shop.